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CD Replication

CD replication is a process of manufacturing numbers of CDs with the use of a glass master. The replicated CDs are referred to as CD ROM discs, where the ROM stands for ‘Read-Only-Memory’. There CD replication process is more technical than the CD duplication method. The master glass that is used in this process is made of glass that has been coated with a chemical that is burned off with the laser. Here, the glass master is considered as the negative of CD that is coated with a molten nickel compound, and turned a stamper. Here, in the production of CDs, the stamper punches tiny pits that utilize the molten aluminum for the remainder of the disc.

There are numbers of advantages of CD replication technology and these are as follows

  • In the CD replication technology, the cost per replicated CD gets lower than it is in CD duplication.
  • This allows both the printing technologies offset and screen for replicated CDs.
  • The CD replication technology allows high volume run capacity, and so it can auto assemble discs into jewel cases, cardboard sleeves and many more.

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