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Bluray Disc Replication

Bluray Disc Replication’ technology is the process of copying Blu-ray discs with a standard quantity of minimum 1000 and above. As there is just a 10% price difference between Blu-ray discs and the standard DVD formats, the production of costs are not affected when Bluray disc replication process is used in the place of the standard quality DVD formats. And as this technology does not get outdated, there is no need to worry about the replacement costs. Under the process of Bluray disc replication, the disc is produced without any scratch and it is resistant to fingerprint trails.

The Bluray disc replication technology involves the flowing steps

  • In the beginning of the process, the original Blu-ray disc is checked for any unreadable portions.
  • After checking out the original one a glass master is made that is used to make a set of molds or stampers.
  • In the next step the Blu-ray is coated with a thin and reflective aluminum coating.
  • Finally, the Blu-ray disc is spun with a protective lacquer and hardened with the use of ultraviolet light.

The advantages of Blu-ray disc replication technology are as follows

  • The method of replicating Blu-ray disc is cost effective and here, the cost per Blu-ray disc gets lower.
  • This technology allows both printing process offset and screen.
  • Replication process of Blu-ray does not produce any scratch on its surface.
  • The quality replicated Blu-ray disc is same as the original one and it works on all DVD players and computer drives.

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