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BluRay Disc Duplication

The Blu-ray disc technology is an optical storage that has a bigger capacity of storing data or information and performance intended for high definition audio and video. The ‘BluRay Disc Duplication’ is a process of making numbers of copies from an original Blu-ray disc. It has small depths to program the data that are packed close together than the normal DVDs or CDs. This technology of Blu-ray disc duplication can result into extremely bigger quality reliable disc that confirm the integrity of the disc.

Process of BluRay Disc Duplication

It is the latest format used in the duplication process. The duplication procedure of blue-ray can utilize the copiers and this is taken from the content of the Blu-ray disc master that burns the facts into another Blu-ray disc. During the process a BD-R recordable can be used and this also features a dye of photosensitive that darkens to create a digital code that can be read by laser into the HD player.

Advantages of Blu-ray Disc Duplication Technology

  • Cost-effectiveness: One of the best advantages of Blu-ray disc duplication technology is its cost-effectiveness over the Bluray disc replication technology. For example, a high cost of Advanced Access Content System (AACS) is essential licensing fees that one has to pay for replication of Blu-ray discs, but duplication of Blu-ray is free of this heavy cost.
  • Quality copies: The quality of copied Bluray disc is as similar as original one.
  • Increased durability: With the advancement of this technology, it has become possible to get more durable surface of Blu-ray discs, where duplicated BD-R and BD-RE uses spin-coated protection layer.

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